Trans Kalahari (3)

I told you the Trans Kalahari is loooong. A lot of time for pictures:-)

MiekieNamibia 2010 076Digital Image

When you reach Kang you are halfway! Fill up the car, buy a colddrink and get ready( there is even a swimming pool) for the last few kilometres to the border.

MiekieNamibia 2010 080

SSA42840 And finally!The Namibian border! MiekieNamibia 2010 081 MiekieNamibia 2010 082 MiekieNamibia 2010 083 MiekieNamibia 2010 085 MiekieNamibia 2010 086 MiekieNamibia 2010 087  Digital Image The first town after the Namibian border is Gobabis

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