I’ve stumbled upon this small town in Mpumalanga called Davel. We saw this building called Davel Stoommolen. I’ve tried to research this building but without any luck. I have some information about the town though.

Davel is the name of a grainsilo in Mmpumalanga. I could not find out where the name comes from but a lot of the dwellings in that part of the country is named after the person or the surname of the person to whom that piece of land belonged.

Davel must have been a prosperous community because the remaims of an old steam molen (mill) and the silo is still standing. Somebody from the Cape or Holland must have owned this mill. Molen is a Dutch word for mill.

Crushing or grinding grain is known from early days of mankind. First by hand then by using some kind of energy to allow the grinders to move. Animals have been used and if there was a stream nearby water and a watermill used. Some used the wind with windmills. On the Highveld steam was used. Think of a steamtrain. The mill worked on that principle. Also interesting to note is that the method of crushing between two big stones was also used. The so called ” hammermeule” in Afrikaans.

Stoffberg is an example.  The farm Springboklaagte belonged to Dirk Stoffberg, a wagon (artisan)  from Wellington in the Cape.

It used to be the end of the railwayline coming  from Middelburg 70km Northeast. Stoffberg is still a trade centre of a community producing mealies, peaunuts, vegetables etc.

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Trans Kalahari

The Trans Kalahari is a loooooooooooong stretch of road from Johannesburg to Walvisbay. If you leave Johannesburg and drive without stopping you will be in Walvisbay in about 24 hours. It passes Kang and Gobabis and the vast Namib desert. Therefore there is a lot of time for taking pictures. Enjoy!

MiekieNamibia 2010 025 DSC02537 DSC02539There are lots and lots of donkeys next to the road. They where shot by the thousands in the 1980’s due to overpopluation. You can find another article here.DSC02543 DSC02545 DSC02546 DSC02547 DSC02548 DSC02562 MiekieNamibia 2010 021Pitsane means place of horses. This sign is in Botswana.