What my American sister thinks of South Africa

I am lucky enough to have an American sister in law. She is a great cook!  Read the story about it here.

I’ve asked her a few questions and here are her answers:

Question: Why did you decide to come to South Africa?
Answer:To meet my husbands family and climb in rocklands
Question: Did you do any research online about South Africa and what where your challenges? What information was hard to find?
Answer: Yes. Finding cheap backpackers in the areas we traveled to. Luckily my husband is from South Africa so we had a lot of friends and family to stay with.
Question: What places did you visit in South Africa?
Answer: Northern Drakensburg, Vredefort dome, Lesotho, Cape town, Cederburg mountains, Pilannesburg, Places in and around Johannesburg.
Question What was a highlight on your trip?
Answer: Climbing in Rocklands, Red Bus, and Pilannesberg
Question: What was a disappointment?
Answer: Public transportation
Question: How would you describe the food in South Africa?
Answer: Full of flavor and spices.
Question: Was it easy to exchange foreign currency?
Answer: Yes
Question: Name 5 places in South Africa that you would recommend visitors to South Africa should see.
Answer: Table mountain, Cape Town, a National Park (Pilanesberg or Kruger national park), Drakensberg, a lion park
Question: Any advice to future visitors to South Africa?
Answer: Come with a smile and open mind and always remember be safe.
For more tips when visiting South Africa please click here.

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