Vegetables in the early Cape (5)

Jan v Riebeeck planted acres of vegetables but the climate did not suit all of it.

When the people went on trek they took dried vegetables such as dried peas, pumpkins, rice, dried fruit with them. Further they lived on plants from the veldt. Veldkos.

Where the settled they started planting and sowing again.

Traders made a living by taking spices, rice, sugar, material, buttons and thread. Blankets, home medicine and what he could lay his hands on that people might buy. They bought what they needed and waited about 6 months before they saw a trader again.

The South African people learnt that Africa is not for sissies(the faint hearted). They adapted and learnt from each other.

All this is reflected in their food. General South African cooking now also developed in local tastes and food cultures. Family secrets are not shared easily.

Enjoy your journey of discovery and feel free to ask if you need to know anything else.

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