Money and stamps during the siege of Mafikeng

Money and stamps during the siege of Mafikeng.

Surely the normal monetary and postal system of the time existed during these time. But to understand why it was changed is closely knit with the understanding of Baden-Powell. Please read the biography of Baden Powell to understand better. It is open for discussion if his popularity has gone to his head. He received many a letter of congratulations. One of them being his sister who wrote from England… “Everybody is talking of you. All the papers describe your many sided talents….. Your photo is in all the shops now.”

It is also open for discussionĀ  if stamps and money were needed in a siege situation? It must have given Baden Powell quite a thrill to replace queen Victoria’s head on the money and stamps with his own. The Mafikeng Mint During the SiegeNevertheless it is interesting memorable collectors items of the siege.







Standard Bank of Mafikeng1 d Warner Goodyear Stamp



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