People of the Siege of Mafikeng (3)

Siege of Mafikeng

Abaham Stafleu was born on 26 November 1870 an Leiden, Holland. Trained as a teacher and marries Christina Noest on 24 November 1894.Comes to ZAR 8 January 197 to a school at Kuilfontein in the Marico district.

His wife died with the birth of their first child a son called Abraham Johannes Christiaan 29.12.1899.

Stafleu leaves his son with friends and joins the Marico commando as unofficial member of the Red Cross. His knowledge of homeopathy he obtained in Holland. He never participated in the skirmishes but looks after the wounded. His diary speaks of  of his outstanding knowledge of man’s nature, his observance, humor, as well as humanity towards black and white. In June 1901 Stafleu and his son was send to the concentrationcamp at Mafikeng where his son died. Stafleu returned to the Netherlands in 1903 but returns in 1905 and marries Johanna Suzanna van Wyk. Six children were born from this marriage but Johanna dies in 1931. He marries Christina Catharina Coetzee and 2 children were born from this marriage. Stafleu died 12 – 4- 1943. He is buried at Zeerust.


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