Great posts from the Are we there yet? challenge Week 3

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The first entry is from Serendipitouscookery and the second from  Vasantha Vivek. I also took part and my entry can be found here.

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Are we there yetshootingstarlane

Serendipitous Cookery sent in this great pic.


Various sign boards that brought smile and happiness while we were touring South Africa … by Vasantha Vivek


Picture taken at Kaapse Hoop, Mpumalanga, South Africa


Are we there yet Week 4 link up.

Are we there yet Week 4 link up.

This week the link up will have a different theme. Please write a few sentences about your favorite road trip. If you’d like to stick to the original theme of just posting a road sign you are most welcome to do that.

My favorite road trip is traveling to a place that I haven’t been before. (I know that is very general but I looove road trips.)

Some of the most epic road trips I remember is going to Cape Town or Namibia. I also remember the road trip to Clarens with my sister. There are too many to mention…can you decide on only 1?

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  5.  Have fun!

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Boerekos: Bread part 2



This is the second post about bread. See the first post here.

A braai is nothing without a beer bread or braaibroodjie. Below you will find a beer bread recipe.

Every South African is familiar with Vetkoek. In different cultures it has different names but the essence is the same. My mom used to make it for us often and we ate it with jam or mince.

Beer Bread.

500 gram Self Raising flour.
1 large egg.
1 tin of Beer. Any kind will do.
2ml salt.

Mix everthing together and bake in an oven for 1 hour.

Add the following for variation.

Cheese alone or with chopped fresh herbs.
Cheese and bacon.
Garlic and herbs.
1 tin of whole pitted mealies (corn).


Keep some of the bread dough of yeast bread and form small balls about half of your handpalm. Spray with cooking spray and cover with cling wrap. Allow to double and fry in deep oil about the temp as used for chips/fries.

Enjoy with jam.

For more about Boerekos please click here. 

Why I love South Africa: The colors Day 5

There are many different cultures in  South Africa and this provides a lot of color to our country. This colorfulness is reflected in our flag as well.


Three of the colours – black, green and yellow – are found in the banner of the African National Congress. The other three – red, white and blue – are displayed on the old Transvaal vierkleur (which also includes green), the Dutch tricolour and the modern flag of the United Kingdom.

I wanted  to showcase the many colors of South Africa in a concise way but couldn’t. My best option for this is to invite you to South Africa to come and see for yourself! 🙂

Below are some elements that provide color to our country:

Our Heritage

Our food

Our Landscape from Cape Town to Johannesburg

31 days

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