Boerekos: Bread part 2



This is the second post about bread. See the first post here.

A braai is nothing without a beer bread or braaibroodjie. Below you will find a beer bread recipe.

Every South African is familiar with Vetkoek. In different cultures it has different names but the essence is the same. My mom used to make it for us often and we ate it with jam or mince.

Beer Bread.

500 gram Self Raising flour.
1 large egg.
1 tin of Beer. Any kind will do.
2ml salt.

Mix everthing together and bake in an oven for 1 hour.

Add the following for variation.

Cheese alone or with chopped fresh herbs.
Cheese and bacon.
Garlic and herbs.
1 tin of whole pitted mealies (corn).


Keep some of the bread dough of yeast bread and form small balls about half of your handpalm. Spray with cooking spray and cover with cling wrap. Allow to double and fry in deep oil about the temp as used for chips/fries.

Enjoy with jam.

For more about Boerekos please click here. 

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