Day 13: Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Pilanesberg Day 13



Earlier this year my sister, Karin, brother, Hawie, sister in law, Lindsay and I went to Pilanesberg  Game Reserve. It is close to Sun City in the North West Province.

Lindsay is American and we wanted to introduce her to South Africa.

We stayed in Safari Tents at the Manyane Camp.


Rooibokke was in the camp with us. We tried to photograph them at night.

The first evening we arrived there there was a storm. We had to braai indoors and eat our potato salad and meat in the tent.IMG_9245 IMG_9241

The next morning Karin and I went for a drive and we saw wildebeest and a jackal.






A jackal





During our morning drive an elephant came to say hello.


If an elephant lifts his trunk it’s time to make a plan to get out of his way.


20140402_092805_220140402_092745_2 20140402_092758 20140402_092805_2


After that visit from the elephant we were ready for breakfast at our tents. We were busy preparing when other visitors came along. Pumba’s family. In Afrikaans we call them Vlakvarke (Warthog in English)


Lindsay and Hawie



We’ve seen so much already and it’s only breakfast on the first day!

To be continued….


31 days

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15 thoughts on “Day 13: Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Pilanesberg Day 13

  1. Barbara London says:

    WOW!! Amanda, that elephant was CLOSE!!! Great pictures…I have your blog saved to read from the beginning! I have read bits and pieces and love how beautiful it looks in S. Africa! Thanks for taking us along on the journey!


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