Day 14:Why I love South Africa: Pilanesberg Part 2

Welcome to part 2.  In my previous post I related how we arrived at Pilanesberg and about a close encounter with an elephant. You can read that post here.

So after breakfast we decided to go on a game drive.


We saw these water tortoises at the Mankwe dam bird hideout.


I just couldn’t get enough of them!



Time for a selfie with my sister!

IMG_1409 IMG_1413











Hawie and Karin


After the game viewing it was time for a braai picnic.


In the heat of the day the animals go into the shade and rest. So we followed their lead and did the same.

31 days

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7 thoughts on “Day 14:Why I love South Africa: Pilanesberg Part 2

      • David Long says:

        Amazingly, it is not too much and I would love to see more that’s for sure!

        In my opinion, you are sharing your adventures and when people read about them, they’d want to see pictures to experience what you did in some way and hence, more pictures, more visual and mental satisfaction lol!

        Though it is possible that it could be a little overwhelming for some people to see lots of images in a post (Personally I’m fine with it), it might be useful to try and incorporate slideshows for displaying the photos of your adventures in this case. I’m sure you’ll figure something out!

        Will be staying tuned for your next post 😉

        Your pal,
        David Long


      • amandacalitz says:

        Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been thinking about having a gallery or something. Haven’t thought about the slideshow idea (an I’m not sure how to do it lol) but I’ll figure it out 🙂 Tomorrows post is already scheduled so I’ll try to add a slideshow for Thursday’s post.
        Thanks so much for stopping by.
        Your friend


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