Day 20: Reasons Why I love South Africa: Giraffes

My lovely sister in law loves giraffes and I have written a post about them before. You can find it here. 

You can find giraffes in groups or on their own. Older bulls usually stay on their own.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

31 days

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14 thoughts on “Day 20: Reasons Why I love South Africa: Giraffes

  1. debbieputman says:

    Love the pictures. My husband was in Kenya last year for 3 weeks doing a project for Empowering Lives International. I’m using his pictures as I teach about West Africa (Ghana, Mali, Songhai and the salt & gold trade in the 8-1600s) to show my students animals in the wild. Since we cover all the geographic areas, the animals of the savannah count!


  2. Gerna Olivier says:

    And to think a giraffe’s neck to short to drink water. That is why they bend there frontlegs so funny. Amanda where is the pictures where we fed them and one drinking water.


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