Christmas in South Africa…Recipes…Beer braai chicken

Beer braai chicken

Preparation time: 10 -20mins
Cooking time: 45-60 mins

  • Salt and other seasoning
  • 1 Can of beer
  • 1 whole chicken
Drink half of the beer and place the chicken on top it, standing up on the coals. It takes about an hour to cook. Sometimes the flesh on the thighs appear pink this is because some smoking takes place.

Cut up the meat and enjoy!

Christmas in South Africa…The countdown 8 days

Christmas in Africa                                                 While people in the Northern hemisphere are freezing we are having warm weather.

We will have our Christmas lunch outside and braai. For this reason we’ve started tidying the garden yesterday. We couldn’t cut the grass because it was raining but that will happen on Saturday.

On the menu for Christmas day:

Beer braai Chicken


Ox Tongue with sweet mustard sauce

Corned beef


Potato Salad

Pasta Salad

Beet root

Lindsay’s Sweet Potato and Pecan Dish

and for desert Malva Pudding, Trifle and Ice cream.

If you’d like some of the recipes please comment below.

What is on the menu for your Christmas lunch?

Are we there yet 14 December 2014

Thank you sooo much to Kim for this entry 🙂

This is a weekly challenge I do with Amanda, over at her blog the link is above, go and visit her, I have always wanted to go to Africa and when I was pregnant with Star Son who is now almost 13 I started reading “Wilbur Smith” and a lot of his books are set in Africa, and of course my other favorite author now sadly passed was Bryce Courtney whose most famous book was “The Power of One” also set in Africa. So I want to go to Africa one day.

So playing along with Amanda who asks “Are we there yet?” I thought I’d bring you all over to my home town and so I started taking pics of some signs, I realized that Sunbury likes to stack their signs, a lot of signs on one post!! Have a look and see what I mean….

You can find out more about Sunbury’s history here:,_Victoria

I love how she always shares a part of history 🙂

Please head over to her blog. 

Are we there yet? 21 December 2014 link up

Here is this week’s Are we there yet challenge!

I cannot drive past a sign next to the road without taking a picture! I find it very interesting and a momento of my travels.

Because it is Christmas I thought to add a twist to it this week.  Add your favorite postcard to a post and link to me. (A post card is also a kind of sign right? 🙂20140204_144351_2

How do I participate?

I would like to challenge you to take pictures of signposts and post it in a blog.

  1. Title the blog: Are we there yet? and add a photo of a signpost. To make it more fun please add your country and more or less where this signpost is.
  2. Please add a link to this page in order for others also to find this page and be part of the fun.
  3. Add this badge to your page (If you’d like). 20140104_174036 arewethereyet
  4. Post a link to your page in my comments box it will be appreciated. Then I can see your great post as well.
  5. I will post the top 10 signposts every Sunday on my blog. Just post any signpost that you see.

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