Christmas in South Africa…The countdown 8 days

Christmas in Africa                                                 While people in the Northern hemisphere are freezing we are having warm weather.

We will have our Christmas lunch outside and braai. For this reason we’ve started tidying the garden yesterday. We couldn’t cut the grass because it was raining but that will happen on Saturday.

On the menu for Christmas day:

Beer braai Chicken


Ox Tongue with sweet mustard sauce

Corned beef


Potato Salad

Pasta Salad

Beet root

Lindsay’s Sweet Potato and Pecan Dish

and for desert Malva Pudding, Trifle and Ice cream.

If you’d like some of the recipes please comment below.

What is on the menu for your Christmas lunch?

10 thoughts on “Christmas in South Africa…The countdown 8 days

  1. karrileea says:

    I love seeing what others’ Christmas meals look like! (I’d love to see some photo’s of these dishes, as many of them I have never heard of!) To be honest, I’m not sure what our Christmas lunch/dinner will look like – it’s normally pretty traditional (Turkey or Ham and too many side dishes! And there will be pie! Oh, there will be pie!)


  2. Anita Ojeda says:

    Wow! It sounds interesting! We usually make Indian food or Mexican food for Christmas dinner–this year, we’ll be at my daughter’s, and I have no idea what they have on the menu. To make it even more fun, our Chinese ‘daughter’ (she lived with us for a year four years ago whilst she attended high school in the US) will be coming for Christmas dinner along with her parents and cousin. So, whatever the menu turns out to be, the company will be international!

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