Introducing Book Review Wednesdays: On Route in South Africa

As of Today I will host a book review on this blog. I am really excited to share all the great books out there with you! If you click here you will be guided to all the bbook review wednesdayook reviews on this site. Our first book will be:

On Route in South Africa

The 3rd revised of this book was published in 2014. When I think about this book I think of my grandfather and road tripping. He got the first edition as a gift and I’ve enjoyed paging through it when I was in high school and dreaming of all the wonderful places South Africa has to offer. Later we bought one for our family and I’ve had this copy on my lap through Meiringspoort, Kuruman, Stellenbosch, Ugie and a flight to Cape Town  just to name a few places. This book always goes into the car right next to the padkos (padkos direclty translates as “food for the road” snacks etc) and the camera. I’m so glad that it is in e book form now but there is just something about a book that’s been read so many times that it’s lost one cover.

As a family we enjoy history and knowing why a place got a certain name. It also keeps you busy in the car because you can choose a route and follow it and there will be something to say about each place on that route.

It has 27 chapters and includes detailed regional maps, incorporating up-to-date place names, and complemented by route directions within the text.

If you don’t have this book already please get yourself a copy and head out to discover South Africa.

Click on the pictures below to find out the prices and where you can buy it.

op pad  on route

Op pad in Suid Afrika Printed Edition

Op pad in Suid Afrika E book

On Route in South Africa Printed edition

On Route in South Africa E book