Are we there yet? challenge

I cannot drive past a sign next to the road without taking a picture! I find it very interesting and a momento of my travels. For 2015 I’ve decided to make the challenge wider. Add your holiday pictures as well now please and tell us where you went etc. It can be anywhere in the world.

How do I participate?

I would like to challenge you to take pictures of signposts and post it in a blog.

  1. Title the blog: Are we there yet? and add a photo of a signpost or your holiday.
  2. Please add a link to this page in order for others also to find this page and be part of the fun.
  3. Add this badge to your page (If you’d like). 20140104_174036 arewethereyet
  4. Post a link to your page in my comments box it will be appreciated. Then I can see your great post as well.
  5. I will post the top 10 posts every Sunday on my blog and promote them on Social Media.

Click here to see what happened the previous weeks.

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20 thoughts on “Are we there yet? challenge

  1. Barbara says:

    This sounds interesting! I don’t do much traveling anymore…finances, age, time?! But I do have a habit of taking pictures of signs as well so I can remember where I was!! Mostly we do local outings with the kids and grandkids…but I have some things from the past that I could use…I have so many different things I am participating in right now…I will check my stash of pictures on the computer!! I AM interested in everyone’s destinations – it would talk me ALL DAY EVERY DAY to READ all the posts I SHOULD be reading…Thank you Amanda, for such a great link-up challenge!!!


  2. Barbara says:

    Amanda – I have a post ready, but will wait ’til whatever day is usually posted – Friday or Saturday??? It’s not just a sign post; but a favorite destination here in town for taking the grandkids…and the “big” kids as well! Hoping it works for what you are looking for! I have some pictures from Nassau, the Bahamas that has a lot more signage that I will work on using, too (I am also experimenting with PicMonkey to get my pictures in a collage format…so it’s taking me longer to get them written, ready and posted!)..


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