Eskom Expo For Young Scientists ISF 2014

On Wednesday it as that time of the year again. A true highlight for me: The ISF Eskom Expo for Young Scientists. It is a melting pot of genius. I’ve posted about Expo previously and you can find it here. It is a showcase of the best that South Africa can offer.

If you know of a learner from Grade 6-12 please encourage them to take part next year. It is worth it. Visit

I was very busy during the day (even too busy to write tweets but I managed 1:


Here is what others said about this not to be missed event:

Being a teacher in South Africa

I am a teacher. I love children and I love it when they learn something new. I have taught in the Eastern Cape, North West Province and now I am in Gauteng. Over all I enjoy teaching. Yes there are challenges. In fact there are many challenges. I don’t want to talk about these challenges now- I want to be positive.

South Africa is privileged.  We have so many bright young minds. It is our duty to facilitate their growth and to help them discover their future.

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