Second New Year

All over Cape Town people are preparing to celebrate “tweede Nuwe Jaar” or second New Year. The practice and comes from practices associated with the slavery and its history is linked with the Coon Carnival. In the mid- nineteenth century, the Cape slaves were given a day off from their duties on 2 January every year. During this alternate New Year celebration, the slaves would dress up as minstrels and dance rhythmically to the sounds of banjos, guitars, ghoema drums, whistles, trombones and tubas.

It is a day of great celebration.  I wish to see all the minstrels (Kaapse Klopse) one day.

Happy 1st and 2nd New year 😉

Day 9: Why I love South Africa: So many places to visit: Cape Town Day 9

I’ve been to Cape Town a few times and every time it as an enjoyable experience.

The first time I went to Cape Town was in 1994 with my parents. We went by train it was then called the Trans Karoo. (Today it’s called the Shozaloza mile). There is and old Afrikaans song about it

We traveled overnight and my gran went with us. We spent the week in Cape Town visiting the Waterfront and the Castle. Click here if you’d like to read more about the attractions around Cape town.

Another  great holiday in Cape Town was with my friends Marleen and Marietjie. We went wine tasting and sightseeing.

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My most recent trip to Cape Town was in March this year. I went with my husband. He was born in the Western Cape so it was great to have a “local” showing me around.1924399_10152306185816882_312069171_n

We are already planning our next trip…so watch this space. My sister is heading there on Sunday for work so I’m going to ask her for pictures to share with you.


31 days

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Cape Town and surrounds


The Castle of Good hope was built in 1666. It has been a big role player in the history of the Cape and South Africa

In March 2014 my husband and I went to Cape Town on holiday. This is the second part. Find part 1 here.


The castle has 5 points and you can access them with stairs



10009300_10152310325461882_828541954_n FW de Klerk Me and Nelson Mandela at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront


On our trip we also climbed Lions Head. It was a lot of fun but VERY hot. The views from Lions Head is amazing. It is a safe route with safe parking. It is something not to be missed.


You can have a walk about in the gardens of the Kompanjies Tuin in Cape Town. It is the oldest public garden in South Africa. The first plants where planted here in 1652. It was originally started to produce food. There are various birds and plants for you to see.


 Saldanha bay is a natural harbour approximately 100km North of Cape Town. Saldanha is a great venue for sport enthusiasts and also hosts the Naval Training Base of the South African Military.



Another must do when you visit Cape Town is a drive on Chapman’s Peak winds from North Hoek to Hout Bay. It is 9 km long and has 144 turns. Some see it as one of the most spectacular marine drives in the world.

We didn’t visit Saldanha for the above. We went there for the fish. There are a few fish factories there and the fish are not expensive. My husband went there for the bokkoms. (A dried fish. It is a lot like biltong. Some say it is a delicacy- I beg to differ. We also went to Langebaan (20km North of Saldanha. There we had the best meal at a great restaurant.



Strand is a resort town on the edge of False Bay. It’s beach is 5km long and many hours can be spent here relaxing on the beach.


Cape Town here we come!

The day was finally here! We are on our way to Cape Town. We’ve been dreaming about this day for months. For now it is time to leave Jozi behind and head to Cape Town from Lanseria Airport. My mother and my sister took us to the airport and we had a pre-flight celebration at the airport.

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Flying from Lanseria airport is very convenient for us as we stay very close.






In less than 2 hours we were at the Mother City! We hired a car and picked it up at the airport. From the airport we went to Belville where friends of my husband stay. We had a braai and the next day we went to do some sightseeing. Bloubergstrand was of course one of our first stops.

 We also went to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and there we visited the Aquarium. What a treat!


We had some of the best fish and chips that I’ve ever tasted at the restaurant at the aquarium


Finding Nemo!


This picture of a shark is one of my favourites

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Breakwater lodge When I was in Standard 5 (Grade 7) in 1994 we went on a family holiday to Cape Town. We stayed in the Breakwater lodge. It was interesting to see in again after so many years. It is very close to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. You can read more about our trip here