Thanksgiving in Africa: Research

Thanksgiving in Africa

As you may know Planning a South African Thanksgivingwe as a family are preparing our first South African Thanksgiving.

Here is some background information regarding Thanksgiving. Do you agree or have a different view?

There is a lot of discussion about where Thanksgiving was first held in America but the one that I like best is the one of the Separatists. They came on the Mayflower and settled in New England. When they arrived it was winter and food was hard to find. Whilst they where building their settlement more than half died of hunger and cold. Luckily their Indian neighbors turned up and one of the men could speak English. They helped the settlers to grow  food and when harvest time came they had food in abundance but they did not forget about their neighbors and shared their food with them. This was the first known Thanksgiving in America. While reading about it I was reminded of the festivals in the Bible.  Every harvest time the first fruits of the harvest was offered to God. All cultures has some form of celebration where they offer food to their gods.

Thanksgiving is thus in my opinion a very special event as it celebrates caring for one another and celebrating the fact that Jesus provides for us in every way. As we bring our first fruits to the table let us be reminded that Jesus gave His only son for us.

For us as a family we will celebrate Thanksgiving to the glory of Jesus Christ our Savior because for the first time in 5 years my Mom, brother and sister will be together during Christmas (so this is the build up) and for the first time EVER our whole family (my husband and I, my brother and his wife, my mom and sister) will celebrate thanksgiving and Christmas together.

With who will you celebrate Thanksgiving and what are your favorite recipes?

I heard that every American family has their own secret recipe for stuffing the Turkey- would you mind to share yours?

A South African Thanksgiving

We are sooo excited! We’ll be hosting our very first South African ThPlanning a South African Thanksgivinganksgiving this year all in honor of my lovely American sister-in-law.  (Or maybe it should be American-African?)

Yes, they’ve decided to live in South Africa for a while and we are THRILLED. We’ve never thought of Thanksgiving before. Now the challenge is it is super HOT in South Africa at the moment and we don’t usually eat turkeys :-). We have found a store where we can buy them. We thought that we’d “adapt” the traditional Thanksgiving dishes to the South African climate but still keep it as authentic as possible.

At our celebrations we usually braai, eat watermelon, koeksisters and melktert. We do have a form of pumpkin pie though.

This is where YOU come in. Please share your ideas/recipes/ what Thanksgiving means to you. We would appreciate anything and everything from recipes to decorating ideas.
Please join us on our journey. You can do so in the following ways:

I would like to publish a post every Wednesday with our progress and I’d like to include your links to share with our readers.

To read how much we’ve planned up to now please click here.