Tips when traveling to….Guatemala

Miranda over at Graceandgravy wrote this post for us about her travels to Guatemala. Enjoy!Guatemala Banner


Traveling is a passion of mine, which if you ask my close friends and family they will say is preposterous.

Preposterous you say?

Yes, Preposterous!

See I have a fear of traveling.

Sounds insane right?

It actually is.

I have a fear of interstates. I have a fear of semi trucks. I have a fear of other drivers.

I don’t mind trains, or planes, but automobiles, yes!

And the problem is, in the rural area I live, you must drive even if it is just to catch a train or a plane.

See the Catch 22 of the situation?

But I love to plan trips. I love to find new places to visit, sites to see and mission work to do. Once I can get over the fear of getting there, I am good to go.

I was asked by Amanda @LivingInAfrica to write a post about a travel experience and answer a set of questions to go with it.

I chose to write about my engaging and remarkable travels to Guatemala. What an eye opening experience it was. I hope you enjoy and plan a trip to visit soon!

Questions from Amanda:

Question: Why did you decide to travel to Guatemala?

Answer: I chose to travel to Guatemala for mission work at Shadow of His Wings Orphanage and service work in the community of Monjas.


Question: Did you do any research online about Guatemala and what where your challenges?

Answer: Yes I researched and the biggest challenges I faced was that the villages had inadequate information.

Question: What information was hard to find?

Answer: Road conditions and driving directions and what to except from the town as far as lodging and restaurants.

Question: What places did you visit in Guatemala?

Answer: I flew into Guatemala City and spent a night at a local La Hosta. I then traveled four hours to the community of Monjas where I spent the majority of my time doing mission work. At the end of my trip I spent the day in Antigua shopping the local markets.

Question What was a highlight on your trip?

Answer: The highlight of my trip was serving the girls at Shadow of His Wings. Seeing the joy on their faces for the little things that we take for granted everyday.


Question: What was a disappointment?

Answer: Leaving the beautiful country and the girls at Shadow.

Question: How would you describe the food in Guatemala?

Answer: Amazing! I LOVE Hispanic Cuisine. Guatemala food is not as spicy as the food we find in the areas I live, which was a bonus. I love the flavor but not so much heat. How could you not love homemade tortillas, guacamole, rice and beans.


Question: Was is easy to exchange foreign currency?

Answer: Yes, very. The airport had a station to exchange, but if you waited til you arrived in the community, it was harder to exchange but cheaper. I also found ATM’s in Antigua that I used for money. Had to shop more!!

Question: Name a place in Guatemala that you would recommend visitors to see.

Answer: Antigua for shopping and local culture, but any small village or community to see how a Third World Country lives. It is an Eye Opening Experience.

Question: Any advice to future visitors to Guatemala?

Answer: Take it all in. Enjoy your visit and get to know the people in the community. Their stories will amaze you. Be prepared for CRAZY Drivers and Chicken Buses, steep mountain roads and lots of construction. Do not drink the water. Only bottled water and drinks. Don’t be scared but be aware of your surroundings. Leave your heart open for all the situations that you may be faced with in areas where you can help.



*Through the ministry of the James Project of Latin America, orphans and widows at risk will receive the support needed spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally to become solid citizens in the Kingdom of God, ultimately for the glory of God and the advancement of the Kingdom.

Click here if you would like more information on how to become involved and support Shadow of His Wings.

**If you would like to support Miranda and her family on their journey back to Guatemala for Mission Work this November, click here.


If you would like to share your ideas and tips with us please let me know in the comments section.



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